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Lifelock is one of my favorite services that helps protect your identity from crooks around the world that may try to steal your personal information. As we know identity theft is quickly reaching epidemic proportions, and taking steps to make sure your information is secure is incredibly important these days and there is no better way to do that than by using Lifelock to alert you of any suspicious activity with your identity. Plus, use a Lifelock promo code below and save even more on a membership this year.

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If you have ever had someone open a credit card in your name, use your social security number, or even just have an erroneous report placed on your credit history you know how difficult it can be to restore your good name and good credit. It only takes one or two instances to ruin your credit and a low score can cost you thousands of dollars in interest the next time you get a loan, and can even help prevent you from getting a new job that does a credit check. That’s why it’s important to get ahead of the game by using services like LifeLock to monitor and prevent fraud in your name.

I know, a lot of you are thinking “It won’t happen to me, so what do I need it for?” and most of you are right but identity theft can happen to any one of us so how lucky do you feel? My wife had someone open a credit card in her name and they ran up a huge bill. Not only was she stuck paying the bill but it took her years to restore her credit, and even today it’s not back to where it was. Why not sign up for peace of mind and let someone else monitor your identity for you?

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