Lifelock Promo Code July 2016 – Updated Daily

Lifelock is one of my favorite services that helps protect your identity from crooks around the world that may try to steal your personal information. As we know identity theft is quickly reaching epidemic proportions, and taking steps to make sure your information is secure is incredibly important these days and there is no better way to do that than by using Lifelock to alert you of any suspicious activity with your identity. Plus, use a Lifelock promo code below and save even more on a membership this year. [Continue reading]

How To Protect Your Identity In A Digital World.

As a guy that has grown up in the age of the internet, all I have ever known is the digital age. I’ve never had to write checks, all of my bills are handled online, and I even work from the internet. To keep it super short and blunt: my entire life is a digital one. With at in my mind I have had to come to terms with the fact that our identities are fickle things and, with so much going on in the technological world, easy to steal. Every single action I take on the internet can have a repercussion. So I’ve long since held tightly onto my identity by following these tips to keep it protected.
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Identity Theft Protection Is All About Common Sense

Having living in a city with a major State University for several years, I was familiar with petty physical theft. My car had been broken into a couple of times within a four year period. Once, it happened when I had neglected to lock my door before … [Continue reading]